GoodTask 6.9.5 Mac Torrent With Crack Free Download Full Version

GoodTask Mac Crack is a useful and straightforward app that operates similarly to Apple’s Reminders and Calendars. Whether you are using it to write a to-do list or keep tabs on your projects,

GoodTask 6.9.5 Mac Torrent with Crack is a useful and straightforward app that operates similarly to Apple’s Reminders and Calendars. Whether you are using it to write a to-do list or keep tabs on your projects, it is a powerful tool to help you with your many endeavours.

In the episode of AppStories about Task Management that aired in December, I talked about my decision to continue using GoodTask, an alternate Reminders client, as my primary task manager. You have seen us mention GoodTask VST in posts on both MacStories and AppStories before; those who are not already familiar with it should know that Torrent GoodTask relies on Reminders as its database for tasks.

GoodTask 6.9.5 Mac Torrent With Crack Free Download Full Version

On the other hand, if you enjoy Apple’s Reminders app but find that you need more customization, power-user features, and personalization than what Reminders can offer, GoodTask Mac Crack will likely be right up your alley.

On AppStories, I spoke about how I found the Todoist’s board view, a feature I would have liked to see in Free GoodTask in my exploration of other task managers. Released last year, board view for Todoist lets you visualize tasks on a Kanban board reminiscent of Trello. It comes with support for sections and multiple sorting options.

GoodTask 6.9.5 Mac Torrent With Crack Free Download Full Version

GoodTask for Mac Torrent – last year, for my iOS and iPadOS 14 reviews, I used Todoist for a couple of months, and I liked the project-based interface and the Trello-style boards. Hence, as I described on AppStories, I believe that board views and standard list views should be featured in more task managers.
Thank goodness GoodTask’s developer Hanbum Kim responded to my request (and also to helpful comments from AppStories listeners on Twitter) and incorporated a board view in the newest version of GoodTask 6.4, which is now available for iOS, iPad, and macOS. The new board view that Kim includes in GoodTask is precisely what I have long been looking for in a client for GoodTask, and it will give me the flexibility for visualizing tasks and due dates that I am seeking.

All view modes are available on all GoodTask platforms. It can be activated in any list or intelligent list within GoodTask by pressing the list/board button in the lower-left column of the task list page (the three-line icon next to the segmented control for sorting). I prefer the horizontal layout on my iPad Pro and Mac because it is the perfect setup for widescreen devices, but you can also enable this view on your iPhone. This setting syncs across all of your devices, thanks to iCloud. If you want specific lists to appear in board view only on certain devices, you will have to disable preferences sync manually in GoodTask 2022 settings.

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For example, if a list is sorted by date and you enable board view, the app automatically generates a column for tasks due within the week. GoodTask will create rows for each day when you’re sorting tasks by tags, and the columns in that row will contain that day’s tasks. You get a + button next to every column, which can be clicked to create a new task in that column.

To see a task inspector, you long-press on it, like in previous versions. However, instead of being displayed in a three-column layout, it is now displayed as a popup window. I could have imagined the three-column format to have been successful when displaying a Kanban view. However, I do not understand why the app’s standard list view also needed to give up the three-column format. That is my only criticism of this update: I hope that Kim can find a way to bring back iPadOS 14’s three-column list view design.

To improve this feature, I have put my ‘Club MacStories’ and ‘Dashboard’ wise list on Board – Date. This view allows me to view columns of dates. Which is the kind of visual, glanceable separation between days I have always wanted to have in my task manager.

GoodTask Crack Free Download Full Version

Mac GoodTask gives me a view of my whole week’s tasks in one view by sliding my finger across the page. It also lets me reschedule tasks by moving them across different columns. It will not come as a surprise, given that it has been the case before. But GoodTask’s board view behaviour can be fully tweaked in Settings ⇾ General ⇾ Board View.

Aside from its innovative Kanban system, I can incorporate it well with the intelligent Reminders list and customizable, pre-set reminders. With wise lists in GoodTask, I have created pre-organized personalized filters. Using GoodTask 6.4, you can now set up an intelligent list. Choosing criteria from the board, which is always present, for whichever section you need to.

Key Features:


  • This application syncs with the default Reminders and Calendars on your phone.
  • Provides customizable, recurrent tasks.
  • They are efficiently managing reminder lists and calendars.
  • They are displayed in the day, week, and month views list.
  • Easily Quickly and Smartly Add with Quick Actions and Text Snippets

Smart Lists GoodTask:

  • The list provides links to Google Drive with Reminders Lists and Calendars.
  • Filter content by keywords and key phrases
  • Prioritize Based on Preference
  • These options include overdue tasks, location-based tasks, and recent tasks.

Quick Actions in GoodTask:

  • You can quickly edit tasks in an instant.
  • Efficiently perform bulk actions on multiple tasks simultaneously, such as editing, checking, or deleting.
  • Change due dates, add tags, change lists, etc.

Other Key Features:

  • Get notified with a badge on your app icon.
  • Funeral theme
  • There are some fixes today for Widget.
  • It is customizable by time zone.
  • GoodTask has been vastly improved with three significant updates.


  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8 & 10/Mac OS.
  • 100MB+ Free Hard-Drive Space.
  • 2GB+ OS RAM.
  • 1.0 or Faster System Processor.

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